Jansunwai Camps

For the people of Sawai Madhopur district may participate in  Jan Sunwai  by Adopters at different Gram Panchayats of different blocks as per the Visit, JanSunvai and Night stay Program.

The District Collector Jan Sunvai program is available in news section.


Trade & Commerce

Sawai Madhopur has been divided into three industrial areas(414.88 hct)

1. Industrial Area Kherada- A total 106.38 hct land has been allotted to this industrial area..2. RTR - 164.20 hct 3.Industrial Area Gangapur - a total of 144.30 hct 


Sawai Madhopur, Eastern gate of Rajasthan, is situated between 25° 58' to 27° 83' North Latitude and 76° 53' to 78° 17' East Longitude. It is situated 100 meters above the sea level.Total 5043 skms

Climatic Position

Sawai Madhopur experiences quite variations in its seasons. It is quite hot in summers and very cold in winters. In the summer season (April to June), the maximum temperature..

Dams and Rivers

There are seasonal rivers in this District, namely Ban Ganga,Morel, Banas, Chambal and Gambhir. Chambal starts from...

Sawai  madhopur also has some of the seasonal dams like Mansarovar, Morel etc