Geographical and Physical Features

                The district gives a Rectangular look in its general shape and falls in the category of the eastern district of the state. District Sawai Madhopur has partly plain and partly undulating hilly terrain. The Sawai Madhopur sub-division can be described as hilly areas while the remaining tract is generally level and plain. The plain is fertile and then soil in most of the parts in light & sandy. The South and south-east portion of the district comprise hills and broken ground which form a part of a vast track of rugged region enclosing the narrow valley of the Chambal River. Ranges of Aravali hills lie in the northern, western and southern parts of the district. Sawai Madhopur sub-division is more or less a mountainous tract. The historical fort of Ranthambore is also situated in the Sawai Madhopur sub-division. The height from the sea levels in the district varies from 450 to 600 meters. The highest peak in the north-western Aravali hill located in Bamanwas tehsil which is 527 meters high Bhairan and utgir are notable peak in the south of the district. The area of Gangapur sub-division is almost plain with only a few hillock-scattered here and there. The Banas, Moral and Chambal are the main rivers in the district. The Banas is the largest among them. It is also important to note that no part of the district falls in the category of a desert and also there are no natural springs in the district.