Ganesh Chaturthi Fair


Ganesh Chaturthi Fair (Ranthambhor Fort)

Ranthambore is not only popular for Ranthambore National Park, but one oldest temple"Trinetra Ganesha" is equally renowed among Hindu followers in Ranthambore. Thousands of pilgrims every month come to seek blessings from Lord Ganesha here. Trinetra Ganesh Temple is one of the oldest and unique temple as it possesses the whole family of Lord Ganehsa, which is found nowhere in the world. The temple is situated in the fascinating fortrees of Ranthambore, 12Km. away from Sawai Madhopur. When we unfold the history of the temple, it comes out as an interesting story. In the year 1299, a war took place between King Hameer and Ala-ud-din-Khilji. This war pursued for a long time resulting dissipation of sustenance stock of food and essentials. King Hameer was strong believer of Lord Ganesha. He saw a dream in which Lord Ganesha assured him about ending the war and troubles by the next morning. Surprisingly, in next morning a symble of Lord ganesha with three eyes (Trinestra) was found embossed on one wall of the fort. Also, the war was ended.On chaturthi tithi of Hindu month Bhadawa known as Ganesh Chaturthi, a huge fair of Lord Ganesha is organised here where lacs of followers and believers gathered to worship and to enjoy at fair. Every year around 3-4 lacs devotees assemble in the fair which lasts for 3 days. 


(Shri Ganesh Ji Temple)