Chouth Mata Fair

Chauth ka Barwara is a  famous religious place, known for its Chauth Mata Fair. This place is situated nearly 22 - 25 km from Sawai Madhopur. Chauth ka Barwara is named after the Idol of Chauth Mata (Goddess of Chauth (Chaturthi)  worship by ladies for long life of their husband). Current ruler Shri Bhim singh established the cave temple of goddess after he dreamt about the Goddess where she instructed him to do the same. There is a huge fair organised every year, on Hindu month Magha, Chaturthi tithi (4th day). This fair is auspicious due to strong belief of devotees in Goddess. For a traveller, this fair is a heaven on earth due to its colors and cultural abundance. It depicts the true spirit of Rajasthan. Long queues for auspicious sight (darshan) of Goddess, amusements in fair, shopping spree of women, the gathering of men and women are the main attraction for any tourist to enjoy and capture in pictures. This fair lasts for 15 days.


Shri Chouth Mata