Arneswar Mahadev Mandir Bhagwatgarh

        Arneshwar Mahadev Mandir is located in a village Bhagwatgarh of Sawaimadhopur District. Bhagwatgarh is a town in South-West Sawai Madhopur is covered by a continuous series of mountains from south-west and the River Banas. It is 25km km from sawai madhopur and 15 km from chouth ka barwara by road. The village is encircled by ranges of mountains on south-west and has river Banas running along North-west.

        There are seven-ponds known as Sapt-Kund in this village and the popular Shivji temple known as Arneshwar Mahadev. Arneshwar Mahadev temple is managed by a trust. Another famous temple of keshavrai is equally revered. Many ancient castles and Baawadis located in this village also attract the tourists.Sapt-Kund is an historical place. In the village anothe famous temple known as name of Keshavrai temple. It's have similirty with Jaipur's Govind dev temple. There is a big natural water pond near the arneshwar madnir. and there is also the forest depatment nursury.